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Lee Bailey
Lee Bailey --- Cook Book Author

     Lee Bailey, famous designer and cookbook author began his 1992 article for “Mirabella” magazine with the following quote from an oft repeated New Orleans’ saying:  –“You know, people here think that if they lived right, when they die . . . they will go to the Pass.”
     He based at least 3 of his culinary writings here in the Pass — magazine Mirabella’s “Lunch on the Coast”, “Tomatoes” and “Long Weekends”
     Bailey hails from Bunkie, La. with relatives in Natchez.  He draws from family recipes for his ideas.
     His other books are Country Weekends, City Food, Country Flowers, Good Parties, Country Desserts, Soup Meals, Small Bouquets, Sothern Food and Plantation Houses, California Wine, Country Cooking, and Cooking for Friends.

     “Where friends and family gather to share wonderful meals, by formal invitation or at the drop of a hat!”

Jane and E. Stewart Maunsell II hosts his trips to the Pass at the the Leovy-Hill house which they purchased in 1986.

     Lee Bailey's Country Desserts is filled with simple, luscious, unpretentious desserts that'll make you wet your pants.  I've made scads of these desserts and I've yet to make one that didn't turn out exactly as described or that didn't melt in my mouth.
     The genius of this cookbook lies in the combination of old-fashioned, easy-to-execute recipes and beautiful photography.  The cookbook itself is oversized, and the pictures and even the type are generously sized as well (so it's easy to read while you're in the throes of whipping or handling a hot pan).  The layout is both stunning and simple: two full pages of breathtaking photographs, followed by two pages of the recipes depicted (it speaks well of the recipes that they fit in a compact space).
     Every single recipe features a large beautiful photograph.

Reveiw by
     What could be more relaxing than a weekend away from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life: lounging in the tranquil countryside, eating a delicious home-cooked meal under the stars? Even if the countryside is a thousand miles away, Lee Bailey's Country Weekends will transport you there in your imagination. The emphasis is on good, wholesome foods, fruit, vegetables, and grains. Recipes for both simple country fare and more extravagant meals bring the good life right into your kitchen. Why not relax at your dining table and pretend you're on a country retreat? --Naomi Gesinger

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